While perusing the cases of a native Indian jeweler last fall, I fell in love with a necklace he had created that was comprised of graduated, pave, rough-cut diamond balls.

I had to have it; however, at $24,000, I couldn’t have it.

*Historical note: Once I decide I want something, I typically find a way to get it (or at least the look). In fact, it would seem that I have created a career out of that very habit…

That said, I created a replica for my jewelry line, the Erin necklace.

Each cubic zirconium is hand set in prongs, as a natural diamond would be, and there is no glue used (a practice you would typically find in costume jewelry).

I have always heard men say that the collarbone is one of the sexiest parts of a woman’s body. If yours wasn’t before, it will be now.