dylanlex, amber venz, venzedits, rhinestone necklace

I first came across Dylanlex on tumblr- you may recognize the look from my account, TOOGOODTOSHARE.

I don’t ever wear rhinestone jewelry. I like the way it looks on other girls, bundled in their layers of plaids and preppy sweaters a la the J.Crew catalog, but that look is just not me.

Dylanlex is me.

They only offer six styles online and nearly all of them sold out at the e-commerce launch about a week ago. They iare now taking custom orders and I am really temped by Falkor.

dylanlex, falkor, amber venz, venzedits, rhinestone neckalce

Priced at about $1K each, they are certainly an investment piece- but gosh, they look so chic.

Are you there Santa? Its me, Amber…

Get the Look: