You may have noticed that I have gone from hairstyle, to hairstyle…to hairstyle.

My latest look was inspired by the celeb styles above. It is a bit shorter and feels fresh. (And if I miss the long locks, I can always clip in a weave.)

Top secret: I had a weave clipped in for each of the above images. (I have six sets of weaves- all varying colors and lengths.) Although my hair was longer than the clip-ins in each case, they added fullness. I buy real human hair clip ins at Sally. Expect to spend about $120.

  • Penny Pincher Fashion

    Okay, so I have a million questions about this – because I bought the “hair-do” clip in extensions (by Jessica Simpson) to try out before NYFW and they looked awful…so fake and I couldn’t get it to lay right. Are the Sally ones better and how do you make sure you get the right color? Teach me your ways!! 🙂

    • Amber Venz

      I have been using the clip-ins since my first drastic haircut (locks of love) in ’06, so I am basically a weave expert.

      The ones I get are real human hair from Sally Beauty and they usually come in packages where you have several long strands (-LONG-) and several individual clips (-s-). If you flattened out your head on a table, this is how you should organize the clips:

      | -s- -s- -s- -s- |
      | -LONG- -LONG- |
      | -LONG- -LONG- |
      |…………………….. |

      I would also suggest trimming the clips so that you don't look like a hooker. Make them a decent length by shortening them. Use the "feather" technique where you don't cut across, you cut up into the hair. As my hair gets longer, I move that pattern that you see above to lower on the back of my head.

      For color, I typically go one shade darker than my actual hair.

  • Kelly | Fabulous K

    Totally stealing your clip in weave idea! Love!

  • Lindsay

    This is amazing… and I adore Amber’s advice “so you don’t look like a hooker”. I definitely am tempted to try these out.

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