Sometimes achieving a where did you get that look is not about a new style or cut- a fresh, not so obvious color combination will get you the attention.

I created this dress for Bravo TV’s Courtney Kerr (as seen on last Monday’s episode of Most Eligible Dallas) and the halter-style and high front slit did not cause any fashion explosions- it was the color combination I chose that won Court best-dressed.

To see more of what Courtney wore this season, click here.

To purchase one of the dresses I created for Courtney this season, click here.

  • Amanda

    Are you selling this dress too?

    • Amber Venz

      Not this one- it was an auction item. There is one of “The Dress” online and I may start production on another color.

  • Nina

    Love, love, love this dress! I so want an Amber Venz original!

  • Tera

    Does the dress that you are selling coke with the necklace that Courtney has on in the photo?

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