Ever since the purchase of my first luxury cocktail dress (I use this wording because it was not designer, it was just expensive), I have been uber selective with my dress purchases. I have built a collection of unique, not-off-the-department-store-rack dresses that will someday go in the VENZedits museum (known as my office, for now).

My most recent addition, this ’70s style accordion dress, was a find from one of my favorite resale shops. $60, in case you were wondering.

The original skirt was floor-length, but you can only imagine how unflattering an accordion skirt is on the female body, so I sewed it up into a minidress. (Leave a comment if you want more DIY details.)

I understand that the ‘boomers’ have already done the coin thing once, but there is no denying that this thrifted $20 coin belt makes the dress.