When GOTM Allie showed up at our shoot in this outfit, we turned the cameras on her.

The entire look is classic, clean, chic, surprising, and TOTALLY doable. It should be every ‘it’ girl’s uniform.

Whether or not you wear these pieces together, they are all wardrobe builders and you NEED to have them.

And here comes the shocker: half of this outfit is from Forever 21!! We (pretty much) ONLY endorse Forever 21 jeans. They fit so well and are SO CHEAP! When it comes to basics like this, not even XXI can mess it up, so buy the cheap version. Allie’s booties? XXI. We are SO impressed.

We always say that luxury accessories can make a $40 outfit look like a $4000 masterpiece. With such a basic top, a statement necklace is in order. Try the Stacked necklace by Amber Venz- it is hollow and super light weight AND you can get it for 30% off through mother’s day with code: LOVEMOM.

To make sure you don’t end up looking like an American Apparel ad, wear this draped-back top by Vince. We always like to sex up the back a bit.