This is one of our VERY FAVORITE LOOKS!! And believe it or not- it is totally achievable on a budget!!

This season, shy away from overly loud prints and keep toward the neutral section of your closet. We know it is soo confusing with VOGUE telling you that 80’s neon surf style is cool and Proenza Schouler believing them and creating an entire collection that resembles our father’s honeymoon attire. These are people we HIGHLY respect, but neon orange spandex is NEVER cool and is definitely NOT a wardrobe builder.

Top: Zara, about $35

Skirt: Do It Yourself (we MADE it!! But you can buy the FENDI version online if your not super crafty)

Shoes & Bag: Lanvin (75% off a few summers ago at one of our favorite Dallas haunts. Substitute with a pair of neutral platforms and a grey bag.)

Gafas de Sol: Our grandfathers old Porsche sunglasses (substitute your classic RayBans or a knock-off from Forever 21)

Jewelry: Gold Kate necklace by Amber Venz

Photography by Colby Kruger