chanel necklace, amber venz,

zara shoes, missoni skirt, biba bow top, chanel necklace, chanel belt, venzedits, amber venz

amber venz, zara heels, strappy heels

Navy Bow Top / Chanel Belt (worn as necklace) / Hermes Watch / Missoni Skirt / Nude Heels

I wore this feminine look to my friend’s birthday party over the weekend. Most of the pieces are past season, but they are classics and were clearly worth the investment.

I got this Chanel belt in college- the same one that Mischa Barton, “Coop,” from the OC wore around her neck. I almost always wear it as a necklace. A Chanel pearl necklace is worth the investment- or, you can now rent one for an event.

Missoni is like Pucci, you really only need a few pieces so make sure that you get a print that you really love.

  • Desiree {Chic Coastal Living}

    Love this outfit! It’s perfect!

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