​During the summer of 2008, I interned for Stacey Caldwell at Thakoon in New York. Since then, we have become friends (and become pregnant!) I have been comparing notes with all of my mom-to-be and new-mom friends to find out their tips and tricks and Stacey answered one of my lingering questions: is the body pillow a scam? Or do I really need one?​

“I have to admit that I was terrified to bring the body pillow that my dear friend Mia gave me early in my pregnancy into our bed. By the third trimester I wasn’t sleeping, and I decided one night couldn’t hurt. I kept thinking–my poor husband! I have to admit, it is now my favorite gift, and it turned my insomnia into blissful sleep. I haven’t told my husband it is probably staying even after this boy arrives… our secret.”

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