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I’ve gotten some advice on the best shops for little ones. My friend Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, Editor-In-Chief of Southern Living, sent me the best:

  1. Pixie Lily has the softest cotton jammies ever – load up on these! Mills lived in them and they have the sweetest bubbles for when she gets a little bit older (Millie’s wearing Pixie Lily in the picture above). The founder, Leda, bases the designs on her husband’s family heirlooms. Best quality and simple, pretty, elegant and soft – soft – soft.
  2. The bonnets from The Beaufort Bonnet Company are everything, but the pretty swaddles are fantastic for new born photos too. Really sweet and southern.
  3. The tulip dress and bubble from The Proper Peony are my favorite baby things ever! Plus, you can add a monogram.
  4. Bella Bliss is a great site for little bubbles and dresses.
  5. For toddler sizes I love Lindsey Berns, Stella Cove, and Busy Bees.

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