9to5Chic Lucia

I’ve known Anh for many years and have been inspired by her and her husband’s adoration for their little girl, Lucia. I admire how Anh has made changes in her life to prioritize Lucia and focus on a healthy family life, all while maintaining her position as one of the worlds top style publishers.

When preparing for Baby girl Box, there are so many things that I think I need but realistically, there are probably things I could cut… Here’s the one thing Anh didn’t think she needed, but eventually had to have:

The one thing I didn’t think I needed but eventually had to have was a playard/travel crib. Sometime around the age of 5 or 6 months when she was just starting to sit up, roll around and show signs of mobility, it became clear that we needed a safe place for her to play. It became an essential “safe” zone when we had our hands full for a few minutes. But, as with all things parenting/baby-related, moderation is key. We didn’t use the playard as a “nanny” and we didn’t leave her in there unattended.

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