Bump Day // A Belgian Mom’s Perspective on (Breastfeeding)


I have had the chance to meet so many talented moms from all around the world and I love to hear their take on pregnancy, childbirth and children. I have found that Americans tend to treat the whole process a little differently than other people around the world and I think it is healthy to consider different points of view.

Tiany Kiroloff is one of my international fashion friends. She is a mom to three daughters, lives in Belgium (now you know someone from Belgium!) and runs the site Belmodo.tv.

As I get closer to delivering Baby B, my questions have become a little more specific- most of them are ok, she gets here…then what do I do?

This week, Tiany was so nice to share her advice on breastfeeding (sexy topic, right?). I have heard horror stories, gross stories, and lots of let me explain…

Here is what Tiany had to say:

When it comes to breastfeeding, try to relax… it doesn’t always happen from the very beginning, your body needs a little bit of time… so don’t stress out and don’t give up too soon either. What I tend to do is give baby its necessary food by giving her a bottle the first day, in the meantime I used a breast pump to stimulate milk production and by the end of the day I was producing what baby needed. It’s also really important to drink a lot of water and to continue with your supplements or vitamins.
Breastfeeding will hurt in the beginning, but the pain will go away. Try to stick to a good hygienic routine, by also taking the necessary care of your nipples, there are cooling pads that offer some great soothing and also creams that will alleviate the pain. -Tiany