1. ALC Screw Earrings: A.L.C. is one of my new favorite jewelry designers. I stalked these earrings for months and finally decided to invest. They are perfect travel earrings because you have the choice of wearing both metals (I am slightly obsessive when it comes to matching my jewelry with the hardware of my shoes and bag).

2. Aesa Thorn Necklace: This necklace was a gift from my boyfriend for my 25th birthday. It is simple yet edgy. Aesa collection is available at Barneys & Yoox.

3. Kelly Wearstler Kaleidoscopes:  I am massively inspired by Kelly Wearstler’s design aesthetic (just check out my Pinterest boards). I first noticed these objects in her lookbook and I recently found a much more frugal alternative here. The set of three currently lives in my living room.

4. Longhorn Skull Ring: Lately I have traveled a lot for work so when I came across this ring in New York I had to buy it- it reminds me of home in Texas.

  • Haley

    Hi Amber, I absolutely LOVE the longhorn skull ring– as a Texan now living in New York (not to mention who went to UT) it is definitely something I have to have now:) Thanks for the introduction to both this ring & all of the other fabulous investment pieces you suggest! Love them all!

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