Boyce’s Visitor Gifts

Boyce Welcome GiftBoyce Welcome Gift Boyce Welcome Gift

When I had Birdie, we were overwhelmed with all of the love we felt after she was born. We wanted to give our family and friends a little something for when they came to visit the baby, so with Birdie we did these fun tins with custom M&M’s. This time for Boyce, we decided to do something a little different with these adorable antler bottle stoppers. I actually love using mine for Topo Chico’s that I don’t finish.. the stuff is amazing and thus every sip is precious. The great thing about these stoppers is that they already came in a craft box, so wrapping them was incredibly easy. I got a friend to write the gift tags and used some twine I had around the house to tie them on. And voila! The cutest little thank you gift.



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