Boyce’s First Birthday Party



Happy first birthday Boyce!


Llama llama ding dong, it’s time to sing the birthday song!


Dessert table by Tart Bakery.


The yummiest cake balls by Tart Bakery.


Llama cookies by Tart Bakery.


The Color Condition did a fabulous job of decorating the yard.



Tree decorations by The Color Condition. They also did the decorations for the Express Fiesta Party at rStheCon 2018. So fun!


Boyce’s highchair decorated by The Color Condition.


Tattoo and friendship bracelet making station.


Llama rides around the yard for the children.


And Jell-o shots for the adults.


More sweet treats from Sweet Daze.



Mango, strawberry, and lavender lemonade.


Fruity pebble donuts from Sweet Daze.



We had the best time celebrating Boyce’s first birthday! I still can not get over that he is already a year old. Where has the time gone?

The llama themed birthday party was held in our front yard. Our closest family and friends all came together to celebrate Boyce, and we had a wonderful time. We had a tattoo and friendship bracelet making station, llama rides around the yard, bubbles and sidewalk chalk, and lots and lots of sweets!

The yard was decorated by The Color Condition, and it was fabulous! The trees, the house, Boyce’s highchair, the bar – you name it and they had it decorated. The colors made the party come to life. I can not wait until I have another reason to have them back over to decorate again.

The sweets were done by one of my favorite bakery’s in Dallas, Tart Bakery. I think it is safe to say that every child (and adult) at the party had a sugar crash that evening. We had macaroons, cake balls, and llama cookies. Boyce’s smash cake was also done by Tart Bakery. Once that cake was placed in front of him – he knew exactly what to do.

We also had a few fun treats and drinks from Sweet Daze. These treats are just as delicious as they are Instagram worthy. We had donuts, cake, and different flavored lemonades (which the adults were able to spike). We also offered local beer, a few fun drinks, and strawberry Jell-o shots.

The party was so fun, and a great way to get everyone together. A big thank you to The Color Condition and Tart Bakery. Now, is it too early to start brainstorming baby B’s first birthday….?


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