Kelly Wearstler is my favorite interior designer. Her style is unique, loud but luxe and immediately identifiable. When I travel, I try to find a reason to stay at one of her hotels (Anguilla is my next stop).

With my job, I get to work with a lot of inspiring brands and Kelly’s is one of those. For the holidays she sent us a copy of her new book, Rhapsody, and a hand written note. This would have been kind for anyone to do, but Kelly has a very specific handwriting (as you can see with the way that she wrote my name) so this gift (card) had me on the floor.



I adore all things Wearstler, but here are a few of my favorites:

  • brighton

    You lucky dawgggg!!!!!

  • Meg Biram

    I would dieeeeeeee! xo

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