Last week, Bauble Bar opened an adorable showroom, aka The Bar, on 5th Ave. I stopped by to touch and try on their new inventory and left with this sparkler.

[Shopping Note: Let me tell you from personal experience that finding a wow neon necklace is not as simple as stopping by the mall. Finding a good one at a decent price is actually quite hard! I have been looking for months.]

The neon rhinestone necklace is a closet staple. If you don’t have one, it is almost too late. Here are a few others that I adore:

  • SmileSammy

    I’ve been looking for a new necklace for a long time and I love this!
    Good spot! I’m definitely going to look into getting one 🙂

    Sammy xx

  • Giovanna

    Oh wow! Loving all those pieces! Definitely need to check baublebar out more often!


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