Birdie’s First Birthday Party

Birdie Box

Birdie welcoming guests to her first birthday party. 
Personalized Bandana
Birdie’s puppies, rottweiler brother and sister, Bear (right) and Luca (left).

Event Decor

Furniture by Perch Decor; Sweets by Tart Bakery; Florals by Posh Floral Design; Custom Napkins from Zazzle.

Heart Cookies

Cookie and petit fours by Tart Bakery; homemade crustless PB&J.

Personalized Napkins

Custom napkins, custom silhouette from etsy.

Pink Cocktail

Specialty drink with edible flowers.

Birdie Box

Family portrait. Amber’s dress; Birdies dress; Birdie’s shoes. Flower crown by Posh Floral Design.

Floral Garland

Birdie & Birdie’s BFFs swings. Floral Garland by Posh Floral Design.
Hearts in Grass
Spray paint hearts in grass.


Custom Cards. Custom Pillows.
Birdie in her swing.


White lanterns hung in trees with twine.
Event Decor by Perch Decor.
Heart shortbread cookies and petit fours by Tart Bakery.

Custom vinyl.
Birdie’s friends making sidewalk art.

Floral Garland on Swing
The Birthday girl having a blast!

Baxter Box

Happy Dad, Baxter Box.

Birdie Box

Personalized chalk boards hung with twine.

Birthday Cake

Birdie’s smash cake with custom profile by Tart Bakery.

Stokke High Chair

Birdie’s smash cake and Tripp Trapp high chair.
Smash Cake
Smash cake.

Light Up Letters

Tent Decor.
Birdie Box
Birdie’s Dress. Birdie’s Shoes. Flower crown by Posh Floral Design.
Birdies dress; Birdie’s shoes. Flower crown by Posh Floral Design. 

Amber Box Birdie Box

First birthdays are the new quinceanera. At least that is what I told my husband 🙂 Seriously though, when you go to invitation sites, the categories are “wedding invitations, engagement parties, FIRST BIRTHDAYS…” The more I researched first birthday parties, the more I realized that they are a total scam for parents to spend tons on infants. It worked. I did. And we had SO MUCH FUN doing it.

This past weekend, we held Birdie’s first birthday party in our front yard and celebrated with our closest friends and family. And everything was perfect! All of the activities were a combination of Birdie’s favorite things — a ‘book club’ tent (Birdie loves ‘reading’ her books- usually upside-down), a puppy petting station (she loves her dogs @bearandluca), sidewalk drawing, and BFF swinging (Birdie can’t get enough time in her swing).

For the decor inspiration, I wanted the party to have a dreamy, girly feel while being relaxed and welcoming. Perch Decor‘s cozy living room set up and bar were a key piece in the beauty of the party and also the “relaxed and welcoming” part. It was so important to have comfortable seating. I accented the side tables fun activities like polaroid cameras and card games (with the party logo) so that guests felt like they could cuddle up on the couches and spend time together. And stunning floral by Angie Strange at Posh Floral Designs brought everything to life! Strands of delicate garland were woven though the ropes of the swings, along the tent opening, and on the edge of her Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair, while white lanterns hung from the trees (I actually got these from Ikea and hung them myself! It was super simple). And I am still having a hard time getting over Birdie’s precious flower crown. What can I say? The girl loves accessories just like her mama!

Last but not least, the food and bev. I created a signature cocktail (pink lemonade, vodka, splash of soda, and edible rose petals) and offered local beer and Miraval rose. I stuffed white cheddar popcorn in branded grab-and-go bags and for the sweets, I got heart shaped shortbread cookies, white petit fours, and Birdie’s incredible smash cake from Tart Bakery. They did such an amazing job putting her profile on the cake! Birdie’s profile was truly the official #BirdieBoxTurns1 party logo and I just couldn’t get enough of it.

Our family has had a very busy year and Birdie’s first birthday was really an opportunity for us to slow down, spend time with friends and family, and celebrate the last 12 months. Happy 1st Birthday, Birdie!

To see more pictures from the day, check out the party hashtag #BirdieBoxTurns1


Furniture Rental: Perch

Floral: Posh Floral Design

Sweets: Tart Bakery

Photography: Redman Pictures


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Special thank you to my right hand, Kaitlynn Moody, for helping me plan and execute a beautiful birthday for Birdie. Thank you also to my family; this was a team effort and I am so grateful for your help.