Birdie’s Big Girl Room

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When we designed Birdies nursery a few years ago, we wanted it to be the “forever nursery” for all of our kids to use; the intention was for one kid to graduate out of the room as the next moved in.


Now that Birdie is three years old, and her newborn sister needs a nursery, the day has come for her to move into her Big Girl Room!


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In designing each room in our home, I try to find a focal element that is unique and makes the room visually interesting. In Birdie’s new room, we chose two black canopy beds for that “wow” moment and put an emphasis on fantastic complimentary bedding. I wanted an all white, crisp and fresh look with some hints of femininity – something that could grow up with Birdie.



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DESIGN TIP: In pictures, white bedding might look like something that would be easy to “save” on (in the spend v. save paradox) when designing a room but as a girl who has bought white sheets throughout her life (see: on all budgets) and slept on white sheets at hotels all around the world, I promise, this is not a place to “get the look.”


In browsing the Sferra site and Instagram, the Celeste collection stood out to me because of the tiny, simple hemstitching detail. I like to style our beds with the top sheet folded back and this sheet is extra long to accommodate a wide fold back, and the hemstitch wraps the top and around the sides of the sheet- a detail that I have only seen at Sferra and on Italian linens. These little details make a big difference in the room and are needed to make an all-white look interesting.


The texture on this white blanket gives the body of the bed some depth and is a nice contrast to the flat Celeste sheet.


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There are six total pillows on each bed: 2 continental shams, 2 shams, and 2 standard pillows. Birdie knows that we only sleep on the standard pillows, but the other ones make a beautiful bed when made. What made the biggest difference here was ordering new pillow inserts from Sferra. The pillows are SO comfortable and hold their shape well.


Being a little girls room, we wanted to add a slash of color and pink is Birdie’s favorite color so we chose this pink blanket to drape across the end of the bed.




STYLING TIP: Fold your duvet into three parts and place it at the end of the bed, with the bottom layer covering the front of the mattress, hiding the sheet. Take a contrasting colored blanket and pick it up by one corner, hold it up above your head and shake it out. Take the corner that is in your hand and drape it across the end of the duvet until you have about half of the blanket draped on each side of the bed. (See image for example of the resulting look.) You want to achieve a lived-in, undone look; “undone” is much more of a designer look.




These beds have become the jewel of our home. Birdie shows them to all of our guests (yes, really, haha) and Baxter has been hilarious about them- he has been sleeping in them while I take care of the newborn in our master bedroom and he smiles when he talks about sleeping in her room. He calls it his “cloud.”




UPDATE: Sferra is having a 20% off Black Friday sale! The sale is site-wide! This is a great gift for yourself, your partner, parent or that person who has everything.



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