Birdie’s Big Girl Beds

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In designing Birdie’s new room, I wanted two beds to be installed. I got a lot of questions around this decision on social media and here is the thought: when we moved into our house, it was a three bedroom home, which worked well for many years, but now that we are a family of five (!) we need more bedroom space and so we renovated our home to accommodate a fourth bedroom. But, once again, every room is occupied and we have no room for guests, overnight sitters or future sleepovers. Having an extra bed in the home will help us out a lot going forward. And, I think it would be so sweet if the girls want to share a room one day.


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For the kid’s furniture, I keep going back to ducduc. We first used them for Boyce’s glider (a total dream and SUCH a nice piece of furniture!). We then ordered two sets of their bunks for @thelocalchapter and the kid’s yurt is ADORABLE with those two pieces as the anchors. Now, in Birdie’s Big Girl Room, I knew the beds were going to be important so we ordered these sleek black cabana canopy beds; they have a unique playfulness to them and the mattresses sit at the perfect height for toddlers.


ducduc is such a great company for kids furniture, I love that all of their products are made to order here in the United States and are made of all eco-safe materials. Not to mention, they have the most professional and thoughtful delivery service. You can see the beds being installed on my stories under “New Room” enjoy!


Click here to learn how we styled the beds!


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