amber venz, crest 3d white, elle magazine, venzedits

As part of my campaign with Crest 3D White, the ELLE and Coveteur teams came to shoot me in my home in Dallas. These behind the scenes shots are some of my favorite from the entire project. I can be a bit awkward in front of the camera but the Coveteur team always makes me feel comfortable and you can see by these images how much fun we had on set.

amber venz, crest 3d white, elle magazine, venzedits

ELLE and Crest 3D White had a few questions for me:

Q: What makes you smile?

A: Ella, my dog; getting to travel around the world with rewardStyle to meet the people who are shaping the new digital style industry; queso dip and Diet Dr.Pepper; living in a perfectly clean, organized space; finding a unique piece of clothing that fits my budget and finally, spending time with my boyfriend, Baxter.

Q: What is your most coveted accessory?

A: I recently received a Cartier Love bracelet. I had wanted one for years (but it is kind of something that you have to wait for) so it is definitely my favorite accessory.

Q: What is your fashion philosophy?

A: Always invest in bags, sometimes invest in your shoes (when you can not find similar basics within your budget) and buy far more solids than prints. Lashes, nails and teeth finish a look so be sure to use mascara, take care of your nails and always keep up on your whitening.

amber venz, crest 3d white, elle magazine, venzedits

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen (a.) how addicted I am to the platform and (b.) a few posts about my smile. If you post about your smile on Instagram too, you will be entered to win all of ELLE‘s 2014 Beauty Genius products handpicked by ELLE‘s editors ($1000 value) and the full Crest 3D White collection.

How to Enter:

  1. Follow @3DWhite on Instagram
  2. Instagram a picture of your smile
  3. TAG IT with the hashtag #mysmile

amber venz, crest 3d white, elle magazine, venzedits

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