Baking Cookies with Birdie


Now that our kitchen renovation is finished, I am finding all kinds of excuses to use our new Aria Stone Gallery counter tops. The stone is so beautiful that it is like a piece of artwork! It is the perfect canvas for any accent – my favorite counter top decor right now is a white bowl filled with fresh lemons! The contrast of the lemons on the Calacatta Lincoln Marble makes our kitchen look even brighter and whiter than it already is and the smell of the lemons is an added bonus.

This week, Birdie and I decided to make some dairy-free cookies (we recently found out that Boyce has a dairy and soy allergy, so I have had to stay away while breastfeeding – I swear by these dairy-free chocolate chips) in our fresh, new kitchen. The honed stone stood up to Birdie’s measuring, mixing and whisking (you can read more on why I decided to hone our countertops in my previous post). Birdie loved her first time baking with mom!

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