Baby Boy’s Nursery Inspiration Board


I am so excited to officially get started on baby boy’s nursery! When we were designing Birdie’s nursery, searching for inspiration was the best part and I loved comparing our final design with the inspiration board I created at the beginning. For baby boy’s nursery I have been drawn to dark grey, matte black, and subtle beige colors – playing off the various textures. It feels like bringing the outside in with the cloudy wallpaper, animal accents, and varying finishes.

In Birdie’s room, we included a day bed which was one of the best decisions we could have made. Because when your baby is itty bitty, it makes it really easy for multiple friends and family to come see the baby, sit down, and enjoy the new space. It also is the perfect place for mama to nap while the baby naps. This black daybed really pops with the woven panels, contrasting beautifully with the beige crib (how cool is that shape?!).

Stay tuned to see the progress of baby boy’s nursery as our inspiration comes to life!


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