ASK AMBER ANSWERS:10 fashion rules

I try to answer as many reader’s questions as possible so here is one that was submitted to

Q: Hi Amber!!

I’m loving your blog. I have no fashion sense whatsoever so its been great to get some input 🙂 Maybe sometime you could do a Fashion 101 blog post outlining your top 10 fashion rules that you live and breathe.

Linds N., San Francisco

A: Hi Linds,

I have been compiling a list for you are here are a few of my rules:

1. NO P-leather. Ever. It will ALWAYS make your entire outfit look cheap. This goes for shoes, bags, pants, jackets, wallets, key chains- you name it, this rule applies.

2. If your toenails are showing, they should be painted. Preferably a neutral shade of pink. Think nail model.

3. No fake Gucci bags. I have never seen one in my life that looks real. If you are going to buy fake, get a Birkin.

4. If your pants give you a muffin top, do NOT wear them. This goes for skinny jeans too- just because they are tight on your legs does not mean they can be tight on your gut.

5. If you are going to wear red lipstick, you better be beautiful. This look is not flattering on many people.

6. Short shorts are OK, tight shorts are not. Unless you are in the gym or on a Nike commercial, lose the leg-hugging shorts.

7. Have a trendy, high-quality agenda and a nice wallet. These are two things that you pull out A LOT and it will help your image if they are nice.

8. Invest $ in the basics, not the one-time-wears. It seems so counter-intuitive to me that women will spend $595 on a pair of cocktail shoes for a single event, but not the same for a pair of Lanvin flats that they will wear everyday OR $695 on an evening gown that will be worn once but not $270 on a well made blazer that is a season staple. (Especially when you can now rent top designer dresses at 90% Off Retail!

9. A SALE is not a SALE unless is it 50% off or more. And…I won’t buy a handbag on SALE unless it is 65% off or more.

10. Do not be afraid to let garments go. The same goes for accessories. Just because you spent a lot of money on it three years ago does not mean it deserves room in your closet now. Keep your clothes looking nice and when the season is over, take them to the resale shop. I would rather have $50 than an out of style shirt any day.