Many of you have asked me for a list of pieces that you MUST have for the new season. If I were to write one article for the entire season, this would be it. No fluf, no extravagant items, just a SERIOUSLY PERFECT list. You are welcome.

Hi Amber!

Im needing fashion advice out here in Virginia.  My birthday is coming up and for the first time in my life I don’t have a wish list!

I need some advice on what to ask for but here is a general list of things I need:

1. Long gold necklace/chain (around $150)
2. New watch (around $250)
3. Everyday purse/bag (around $250)

Anything else you think is critical to get/own for this season?

Thank you sooooo much for your advice- I ADORE your website and have all my friends here checking you out 🙂


Meredith H., Virginia

A: Meredith,

Here are my suggestions for your birthday wish list, plus a few more season staples:

1.Long gold necklace/chain:

I suggest the Kate Necklace from It is 14k gold so it will not tarnish, it is certainly in the price range and it has unique detail. This is a piece that I wear daily.

2. New watch:

I have two suggestions. First, Rolex just released a new rose gold watch that is to die for; however, it is a little out of the price range (for you and me both). For this look, I suggest the Michael Kors rose gold plated watch. I prefer this one specifically because it has the matching rose gold face, which is easier to wear than one with a white face. Another fabulous investment piece is the Michael Kors oversized silver watch. It was all over the MK runway and catalog and it is an edgy cool look for when your bag or shoes have silver hardware.

3. Everyday purse/bag:

This one is possibly the most exciting because it is insane and ONLY $90! I am generally a purse snob, but this Steve Madden BMONET bag passes for a Barneys main floor bag. Why this bag? You may remember me touting it before, but it is a total classic: when Coco (Chanel) met Alber (Lanvin). It is an aesthetic hybrid of the two oldest fashion houses in the world without being a knock off. Go Steve. (Check the size: 10x17x5- this bag will fit your laptop!)

Now for the season staples you will be needing:

4. Flat over the knee boots

Over the knee boots are a must for fall- in fact, it might be awkward if you don’t have them. Here is the pair I bought for myself this season. They are by Steve Madden and on SALE now for $199 (the best price I have found on OTK boots with nice quality leather). These are definitely designer inspired and they are comfortable- perfect for wearing to school, work or chasing the kids.

5. Retro Sunnies

They are cute and trendy, but everyone has a pair of wayfarers. Problem is: everyone has them. The retro look is still going strong- just take a look at what is shading Olivia Palermo’s (The City) flawless face. Somehow, her shades manage make her exude even more glam. I suggest investing in these Marc by Marc sunnies– they are the PERFECT shape, super glossy, not cliche and they are only $98!

6. Military Jacket

This is almost as exciting as the Steve Madden purse! I found (and bought) this MENS military jacket from Urban Outfitters for only $58! I love the details and the stand away pockets up top. The cut and style is so much better than all of the other pricey designer versions I have found. Just since up the waist and belt it if you like. This piece is a MUST for fall. MUST!