Hi Amber,

I am a young mom and I need some clothes that I can wear during the day that can also work for meeting my husband for happy hour after work. I’m not really sure what that would be. What do you suggest?


Kelly, Florida

Hi Kelly,

One of the best ways to take a look from day to night, especially in your climate (or in the spring for the rest of us), is by wearing shorts. Invest in a good neutral (and, of coarse, a leather pair, depending on the reaches of your personality).You can wear your ballet flats with them during the day and then change into booties or wedges for night.

There is one rule to remember with shorts: spike heel are OFF limits. It is just trashy. Wooden, chunky heels? Yes. Spikes, no!

Now for the top. Personally, I always buy neutral silk tops- brights scream, “I am every other girl!” while neutrals are a nice palate for unique accessories. Considering the weather, and how put together long-sleeved tops look with shorts, I suggest this Foley + Corinna blouse. It is on SALE for less than $100 and it is 100% silk. The print is subtle and season-less and the cut is carpull and cocktail appropriate.