Hi Amber,

I am having a baby girl this summer and I still have several baby showers to go- what do I wear!?

Thanks for your help,

Hope K., Dallas, TX

Dear Hope,

At your smallest (now) I would suggest an inexpensive romper that I referenced a few weeks ago. Beyond that, this 3.1 Phillip Lim dress is so rich with a bright platform pop. Puh-lease do not wear a normal, matchy shoe with this dress- it is sinful.

For all of the moms who are thinking I’m crazy on the platform thing: you know you are sitting down at a shower- these babies will pay for themselves after the birth.

There is one thing to remember: do NOT waste your money on maternity wear. NO! I will ONLY, ever show you clothes that will work for your post-baby bod. You will be belting this dress by August.

Disclaimer: I am not a mom and have never been pregnant; all of my opinions are coming from a stylist perspective. I just want you to be hot.

Also, if you are in a cold climate, rock the bootie.