I love answering reader’s questions because they are so relevant. Here is one from Lousiana:

Hi Amber,

I have shopping fever and need a new handbag. I need something versitile that I can wear day to night. Trendy, but not out of style in two months. Suggestions?

PS: I just got the Alice + Olivia tank dress and I LOVE IT!



Dear Bagless,

There are a few differnt ideas that come to mind, so I am going to answer this in a two-part reply. (Check back in the morning for part 2)

First thought, every girl needs a quality, ponyhair, leopard bag for this season. EVERY! I invested in my Lanvin leopard bag in 2008 and it is still rocking. (See One Piece Wonder)

That said, here are a few of my top pics:

1. YSL Large Toady Bag $3014

2. Christian Louboutin Marianna Rider $2229

3. Or, you could invest a bit less and and rock the Alexander Wang Alla Wedge mule all season $916

Check back in the AM to see part 2 of the quest for the perfect investment handbag.