Q: Hi Amber,

I am in my second trimester and I am having a hard time finding anything appropriate to wear out at night to events. I do not want to buy maternity clothes- my style is very clean and chic and I like to accessorize great basics. What do you suggest?

Thanks for your help!

Brooke, California

A: Hi Brooke,

I found you a look that you can wear now, during the pregnancy, and after you deliver.

This year there were several moms-to-be on the red carpet and there are two in particular that chose flattering now-and-later looks that should inspire: Rachel Zoe and Jewel.

The draping on this jumpsuit reminds me of Jewel’s Ramella Roland dress from the Grammys- it was not super maternity and it streamlined the bump well. More good news: it is only $85!

To accessorize, I suggest embracing the Indian diamond trend- it is seasonless and rich. Stack you arm with five-ten rough diamond bangles and rock the Bubbles cocktail ring on your middle finger.

As for shoes, I say just go as high as you can. This jumper is a fabulous canvas for some foxy platforms.