Q: I am working for an online fashion magazine this summer but my lack of fashion knowledge is starting to catch up with me so I have a couple questions for you: What do you think of the resurgence of the neon trend? And how would you recommend wearing neon for summer? Any answers/advice/tips would be amazing!!

Thanks in advance,

Emily K.

A: As with any over-the-top trend, enter with caution. This is definitely a one-season wonder.

Flouresecent hues tend to make our skin look a bit ill, so we suggest grabbing a short black dress with clean lines (something you already have) and cinching it up with a neon belt like the Olsen girls. This is one of the few ways to make this trend look classic.

While neon looks much better in the bar than it does in the breakroom, you can get away with it in the workplace if you accessorize greys, blacks and whites with neon bling like this Juicy Couture – Neon Bars Chain Necklace or a pair of coral Camilla Skovgaard pumps.