Q: I’m coordinating/ attending a swanky going-away party for a close friend on Saturday evening.  With plenty of A-listers on the guest list, I’m, unusually, at a loss for outfit ideas.

The party is indoor-outdoor around a pool in Texas so it will be warm with plenty of dancing.  With that being said, I’m debating on first, either a hot dress or pants and a top.  I am about 5’4″ and 135 lbs. so If I go with pants, I’d probably go with something similar to Allie’s look in GOTM “Classic Redefined” and with a dress…not sure!  Any budget friendly ideas or style tips on what to wear would be much appreciated!!!

Thank you!!

-Ashley M

A: With your party being held in mid-June in Texas, pants are off limits. You will have to go with a dress, a skirt/ shorts and top or a romper with heels.

As the event planner, you will want to stand out as having chic, clean taste and avoid any excessive cleavage or any other overexposed body parts that would send potential clients running.

We suggest the Indah Kamani Butterfly Mini Dress on SALE now for just $62 at While the model may look like the morning after the party, we assure you that this look works. The neckline shows just enough skin for a networking event and the sleeves say Hollywood Glam while providing good air flow (laugh, but if you live in Texas, you know this is important!)

Depending on your height, you will need a pair of little white shorts to wear underneath for coverage when your arms are flailing to Miley at midnight.

To accessorize, we would suggest a turquoise necklace or earrings as this color is an amazing foil for coral. For your wrists, wear an oversized gold men’s watch like the Michael Kors Men’s Oversized Watch on one hand, and the Helen bangles on the other.

If you have not already, invest in a nice, heavy set of gold bangles. These should be in EVERY girl’s wardrobe.

Shoes are VERY important. Most of us think of them as the whatever-works accessory and this is NOT TRUE. Especially when meeting potential new clients, avoid p-leather. We suggest you invest in a well-made black platform sandals. This Haven Crisscross Platform Sandal by Tory Burch is season-less and does not have too many straps- which can appear slutty. The details make this shoe, and your outfit, look rich.

The best part: they are ON SALE for $162.50, which is only about $30 more dollars than you would pay for a similar pair that was made in China at the mall… Strategy ladies.