This week on #venzeditsBumpDay, I am sharing my own findings (after trial and error) on what are the best maternity jeans.

When I posted this street style image over the weekend, many of you have asked where my flared maternity jeans were from.

If you have ever worn maternity jeans, you know that finding the right pair- one that is flattering and comfortable- is a big challenge. So many of the pairs that I tried were great in the dressing room, but then they would stretch out (saggy bottom maternity jeans are one of the least sexy looks…ever). Over-the-bump jeans can be great- until you get too big and the “over” part rolls down to become the “under” part and you basically have a human scrunchie around your waist.

So what are the best maternity jeans? Your own, pre-prego jeans.

The jeans I have been sporting are actually my old J Brand Love Story Flare Jeans!

Thanks to advice from a friend, I recently turned my favorite jeans into maternity jeans by having the waistband altered. (See image below: altered jeans on right.)

How to turn your jeans into maternity jeans

I took the pair on the right to my alterations lady and she removed part of the waistband and pocket and replaced it with elastic. (Note: if you decide to do this, be sure to bring your own elastic to the seamstress. Your local sewing shop should have many options.)

How to turn your favorite jeans into maternity jeans

My first pair of altered jeans worked out well, but now that I am about 35 weeks, I could use a little more give in the waistband so I am going to have more of the waistband and the full pocket removed (see the circled area below). I would suggest being this aggressive the first time and removing the entire area.

How to turn your jeans into maternity jeans

Best of luck!

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