When it comes to Herve, we will take Kelly Catrone’s advise- every woman needs to have an affair with a frenchman.

We get so many questions about these dresses so it was time to come clean. Here are the rules of bondage:

1. Do NOT buy a CHEAP Herve knock-off. The weight of the dress will never look right and the imperfect stitching is a dead giveaway. Better to avoid than look like a phoney.

2. That said, Herve Leger is made by BCBG. Same factory. So if you are going to buy a basic mini, buy the BCBG version (it is the EXACT same) and save yourself some cab/ shoe money.

3. If you decide to invest in an Herve dress, buy one that is unique- not the basic run-of-the-mill. Even the basic ones are ‘a G,’ and if you are going to spend $999, why not spend $1200 and look like a rock star? Just saying…

Now that the rules are all laid out for you, here are some looks that work:

If Herve is not in the budget this season, don’t panic.  MINKPINK’s Space Odyssey Mini Dress achieves the same look and yet has an image all its own. The allover slits with curled edges give this dress a rich girl look for only $90. Yes, please. Plus, transition this dress into fall just by adding a pair of sheer black tights.

When investing in a BCBG skirt (or anything for that matter), make sure to get one that is unique. The basic, solid mini is so last season. Been there, done that. Since being unique with your wardrobe is what makes you stands out, try this
with a white tee or tank.

For the girl who just got her tax return (or a fabulously understanding husband) and is looking to invest- try Leighton Meester’s Indigo Batik Short Sleeve Cocktail Dress. It may look like a one-wear, but throw a leather jacket over it for time 2, and an oversized sweater on top for time 3.

Lastly, when you look this high-end, PLEASE do NOT accessorize with cheap jewelry. Keep it simple with real diamonds, even if you just wear one bangle. At $250, we can all afford this treat.