amber venz box, london, airbnb

I met Andrew online. Not on Tinder, Match or MySpace, but on airbnb.  I was going to work in our London office for a month and I didn’t want to spend my evenings in a hotel room- so I found a spare room.

Andrew’s East London flat was on the top floor of the building, was a new build and had a floor to ceiling view of the Gherkin building. (If you follow me on Instagram @venzedits, you may remember these photos.) We got to know each other after work over the tops of our computer screens. Both owning our own companies, we connected over business, art, boys and fashion.

When I went to stay with Andrew again earlier this year, he told me that he was inspired to paint the “antithesis of Whistler’s Mother” and asked if I would sit for him.

andrew salgado studio, amber venz box

andrew salgado paint studio london

andrew salgado paint studio london

A few months later, he revealed my portrait, Hommage, at his NYC solo exhibition, Variations on a Theme.

amber venz box oil on canvas, andrew salgado

amber venz box, andrew salgado, oil on canvas, artist, venzedits

amber venz box with andrew salgado new york 2014

My dad says that successful people realize, look for and create their own opportunities. I think the same can be said of worldly people- those who experience life outside of their community or culture. Worldly people realize, look for and create their own unique experiences. Booking a month in a home with strangers on airbnb was outside of what I knew, but I have been greatly rewarded for taking that risk.

Andrew, Kurt, thank you.