ALOHA, Honolulu!

We have only been here for an hour and we have already stopped for our oversized KOCH top.

As long as a dress on most women, we don’t really need our light wash jean shorts on the beach but they make a perfect beach-to-bar look with little effort.

While a scarf may not be Dallas appropriate this summer, we can get away with it on the big island.

Generally, we do not suggest “matching” your outfit, but in the summer, coordinating brights are fun. That said, our zara scarf was a perfect match for our new large fushia Balenciaga (shhh…it was a hand-me-down). If you are not ready to spend 2 Gs on a handbag, we suggest the Rebecca Minkoff Variegated Mini Mini Bag. It is just the right size and the color pops without being too neon or vibrant. Plus, it has a Balenciage feel without being a knock-off.

Since we are matching, and the hardward on our IT bag is silver, we chose to throw on a pair of silver flats and head down to the water.

To purchase our favorite white top from KOCH, email and mention VENZedits to get 15% OFF!