All Things Flags…

With everyone staying at home now more than ever, we have been hosting our own family parties. This included the Fourth of July! We had flags all over the backyard and even had a flag fruit cake.

I picked up some flag garland from Amazon to decorate the playhouse and string across our patio. I also bought small flags for the kids to play with. They were a big hit and even added a cute accent to the floral arrangements. They would even be perfect for celebrating Labor Day!

On our latest trip, Bizzy and Boyce opted for some of their favorite patriotic pieces. Bizzy was obsessed with her flag sweater and wore it with layers for the cooler weather in Colorado. She also was loving her red boots that matched perfectly. Boyce has been loving hats lately and opted for his flag hat several days of the trip. I snagged a flag sweater and threw it on like a shawl for the cooler moments.

If you’ve been looking for flag decor for Labor Day or an upcoming event, check out the ones I’ve linked below. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and also in the app. Happy Shopping!