“The holidays are above all about giving my family and friends presents I know they will love. There’s nothing better than receiving a beautifully wrapped present- I love that feeling.”

-Zac Posen

I agree, Zac. Gifting is really all about the presentation.

Last year I gave my boyfriend’s parents a set of hand-blown aqua glasses from IKEA. If I would have left them in the cardboard box they came in and stuck a bow on top, my gift would have looked like the $16 gift that it was, even though my gift was thoughtful- I had spent time to find them glasses to match the art in their vacation home.

So, to make the look match the thought, I wrapped each glass individually with bright white tissue and tied them up with a shiney red ball ornament (also from IKEA) to resemble Rudolph the reindeer’s red nose. It no longer mattered what I had spent on the gift because the thought was evident.

That said, I suggest getting the Curiosities gift wrapping kit. It is on SALE for $14.99 and it takes all of the hastle out of preparing an artistic and appealing present.

Believe me, you will get a good return on investment.