This GOTM has one of the most hectic and grueling schedules I have ever seen, yet somehow she is always decked in the newest trends. Her secret, in my opinion, is keeping it simple and building on the basics- staying away from prints and investing in the season’s most important pieces.

You would expect a fashionista like her to have four closets, each overflowing; however, her only closet is neatly decorated with essentials- so many of which this frugalista found at Forever 21!

Now, lets talk military.

If by this point you do not have a military green top or jacket with cargo pockets, it is time to get serious about your fall wardrobing. The good ones go fast (as many of you have seen with items from VENZedits selling out by noon…) and this Blu Moon militant jacket blouse from shopbop.com is worth the dough because it will do double duty in your wardrobe- jacket and blouse.

The bottoms are easy. Black shorts until it gets cold, then black pants.

If you dont have them, get either a pair of Only Hearts double knit shorts or Blank Denim leather shorts (just $98- The cheapest real leather shorts I have found).

For the bag, you can go one of two ways: chocolate Marni, like Sarah, or moto black.

To accessorize, take this opportunity to layer up your vintage bracelets, belts and necklaces- this is one way to make the look your own.