Easter has passed and it is time to whip out your white jeans and crop tops. I know you are thinking that the candy got to me and I am now writing this site for five-year-olds, but hear me out. There are two kinds of crops: 1. the music festival, I have abs even when I drink crop and 2. the city crop. We are discussing the latter.

As you can see, I am wearing the city crop. AKA the classy crop.

Wear yours with slouchy pants and simple sandals that show a lot of the foot (unless you have ugly feet).

When styling your crop, think about the rule of balance: billowy top= skinny pants; lots of skin up top=no skin on bottom; simple dress=stand out heel. You get the picture… just don’t make this look slutty.

Here are a few VENZedits approved city crops for your simplified browsing pleasure: