While sitting on the tarmac yesterday night, I looked down at my fedora and realized that it is a destroyed mess. I got a great deal on it a year ago in Miami but when the straw starts breaking and sticking out it is time to toss it and get a new one.

Note: If you are having a hard time cleaning out your closet for the new year (attachment issues I think they call it), look your garments over and if they have holes, have peeled or if a resale shop would not accept them, they should NOT be taking up room in your closet NOR should you be wearing them. Such is the issue with my fedora.

When buying a replacement, I always look for something more unique, more durable and rich looking than the last.

Check out this Melissa Obadash topper. The logo is descrete and reminds me of Hermes, the weave is tight and strong and the shape is a panama/ fedora hybrid. LOVE.

Oh, and it is only $112.