A Beautiful Evening

Earlier this week I hosted an event with Jamie O’Banion and Caitlin Wilson, honoring Emily Jackson of Ivory Lane and activewear line IVL.

Three best takeaways from the evening:

  • Do not apologize to your family/children for working. Instead of saying “I’m sorry I have to go to San Francisco to meet with XYZ client/investor etc,” which insinuates that what you are doing is wrong and bad, reframe the statement, “I am going to San Francisco to meet with XYZ, wish me luck! I’ll see you tomorrow night when I land and we will XYZ to celebrate.” 
  • Don’t be a victim of what other people ask of you. Engineer your time, which starts with setting boundaries around things that you need to do for yourself. Workout? Schedule it. Taking kids to XYZ activity each week? Calendar it. Then protect it in the same way you would a business appointment. 
  • Know that businesses are not rainbows and butterflies with beautiful births and fantastic clear outcomes. Read Messy Middle for much more on that. 

Shop my look from the night below!

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