5K Training with Baby

5k Training with Baby Venzedits

When Baxter and I began training for our 5K, we would run early in the morning before work or late in the afternoon after work. We wanted to get a stroller that would allow Birdie to train with us and also wouldn’t slow us down (ok, we aren’t running that fast but you get where I’m going). We started using our Stokke Trailz stroller in the beginning which was perfect. We just popped in Birdie’s carseat and we were ready to run! It was the best for the starting stages of our training because we could look at Birdie’s cute little face and run through the times when we felt like stopping.

But as our training became longer, we needed to get serious. So we transitioned to the Burley D’Lite Trailer and it has been a game changer. The trailer can be hooked up to a bike but also can be transformed into a jogger by installing the compatible jogger kit. We don’t get distracted by Birdie’s funny little faces and she enjoys watching outside as we run – it is a win win for the entire family!

We love how these joggers have turned training time into family time. It has made training more fun (and more bearable) for me! As a busy working mom, every moment in the day is precious and I have loved how running has become a family bonding activity while also keeping us energized and healthy!


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