March is the month of SxSW, the annual media, movie & music festival down in Austin, Texas, which has become a destination for both music aficionados and style-seekers alike. As a prelude to SXSW, Barneys recently included me in a feature on Texans in Fashion, where they interviewed me about Texas style and my favorite things about living in The Lone Star State. Click here to see what I had to say about how my Texas roots have influenced my personal style!

Texans in Fashion

Here is a quick look at my favorite fringe pieces to mix into your wardrobe:



bar cart

My friend Colby (who also happens to be our Events Manager at rewardStyle) recently showed me an app called Minibar that delivers liquor, wine and beer on-demand within 30-60 minutes. Who knew you could buy alcohol on the internet?! Or that you could order liquor, take a shower, and then open the door to the vodka delivery man…technology…magic…

The app is cool, but what I really like is the free party planning service on their site. For example, I am throwing a small brunch party for our first wedding anniversary so I typed the event information into their system:

minibar party planner

Then, they told me that I needed to buy:

minibar party planner ingredients

If you were curious, Minibar currently delivers to Dallas, New York, Jew Jersey, Chicaco, San Francisco, LA and Miami.



amber venz box lfw finery

rewardStyle Finery London Party
The Finery London pop-up shop.

branded pencils, Finery London
I love branding. The rewardStyle office will soon have white pencils like these!
Finery London pop-up hangers
Wouldn’t you just love a closet full of copper hangers?!

amber venz box, finery london designers, lfw
Me with the new Finery London team.

amber venz box, rosie thomas, the londoner, finery london
Thats what friends are for…
amber venz box, creators of desire anouk, finery london, rSxFinery

amber venz box lucy fashion me now, finery london, lfw
With Lucy from Fashion Me Now.

amber venz box, rosie thomas, the londoner, finery london, lfw
 Rosie from The Londoner.

amber venz box rewardstyle finery london
Me and some girls from rewardStyle’s London team.

rewardStyle kicked off London Fashion Week with an event that we hosted with Finery London at their pop-up shop, The Fitting Room. I had a great time shopping their new collection, catching up with publishers and the wonderful Finery team and snacking on some delicious little canapés. It was the perfect start to a busy, but memorable LFW.

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