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Last week I went on my first “glamping” trip in Santa Barbara, hosted by Cynthia Vincent and Piperlime. I am convinced that Cynthia created the concept of “glamping” as the decor you see above is all part of her personal camping set that she has collected and used over many years. Cots and tents have been recovered in her fabrics and myriad furs are lined with her prints. The great white sheet you see hanging from the tree is a WWII parachute- a garage sale find from one of the Schindler homes in Cynthia’s neighborhood. (Next stop: ebay white parachute.)

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Cynthia invited a few bloggers to the camp site for two days so this trip was my ultimate girls getaway; I usually only get to see my fashion friends when we travel together during fashion months.


As you can see, hats are trending. Mine is a classic panama hat (a must-have) and Sam and Margo had custom pieces from LA-based milliner Gladys Tamez. All of the California girls knew of Gladys and have been to her studio to create custom hats. #Jealous.

glamping with cynthia vincent

Every detail of the decor and event was thoughtful. The tent in the background of this image was made with Cynthia’s fabric. The drinking glasses and jugs were wrapped in embossed leather- mimicking Cynthia’s bohemian prints.

cynthia vincent, amber venz box, yoga, california glamping

On Thursday morning we woke up with a yoga class on the lawn. I have not been to a class in years and the stretching was needed after a long night around the campfire. This is a picture of me and Cynthia before breakfast.

amber venz box, glamping, cynthia vincent lace dress, santa barbara camping


Thank you to Cynthia, her team and the Piperlime girls for including me in such an incredible experience. There is nothing like a girls trip to Santa Barbara with 20 creatives like these ladies.


For more images from our trip, search #GlampCVxPL on Instagram.

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