When I launched this blog in 2010, I had a weekly series called “Girl Of The Moment,” or “GOTM” for those of you who are long-time readers. Whitney Wolfe was one of my first GOTMs. At the time of her feature, she was a student at SMU in Dallas; I chose to share her story because of the charity tote bag line, the “Help Us Project,” that she launched in response to the environmental crisis caused by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Proceeds from her line of organic bamboo totes benefitted the Ocean Futures Society and every “it” celebrity had one: Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie, Kate Bosworth and Denise Richards… proof of which could be seen all over US Weekly (this was before Instagram, so US Weekly is where you went for all of the celebrity fashion).

Five years later, GOTM is now Friendly Friday, and Whitney and I have remained friends and are both working on much bigger projects than we were back in 2010.

Whitney is now the founder of Bumble, a social discovery (dating) app that encourages women to make the first move. You have probably stumbled across the app as Whitney is a master marketer (Ive never met anyone better; excellent ideas ooze from her brain). She was recently featured on CNN, TIME, had a page in Bazaar and ELLE…she and Bumble are not your typical girl or startup. Download the app to see what its all about.

bumble app screen grabs

Outside of work, we both like to hang out in central Texas. Whitney often works in London, like me, but back in March, we were both in Dallas and planned a double-date ranch weekend with our guys. We went skeet shooting, off-roading in the Hummer, and took an aerial tour of the property in the helicopter:

amber venz box, whitney wolfe, bumbleHerd_Ranch_WeekendBumble_Goyard

If you are looking for some good clean fun, follow them on instagram @bumble. If you are more interested in planning a fun weekend, you can download Bumble here.


  • cathy williamson

    I am truly amazed at what you two girls have accomplished in your young lives! Have followed you Amber, and am so happy to be part of your great business! Whitney is like another child to me, and I can’t’ even say how proud I am of her! You are so right about her marketing skills! She is a PRO!!! Sometimes you have to go through the fire to get to a great place, and she has proved that! So happy that you all are friends!!! Great post on a wonderful girl that I happen to love a lot!!!

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