Friendly Friday


My father-in-law and Lisa’s dad have been great friends for years and I met Lisa about four years ago over a frappuccino and a Cover Swim Lookbook. At the time, rewardStyle was in its infancy and Lisa was considering ways to expand her line.

About the time we met, I began to have dermatological issues due to my lack of skincare in middle and high school (see: tanning bed). No longer able to worship the sun, Lisa’s SPF swimwear came at just the right time for me.

(Being pregnant, my skin is particularly sensitive to the sun and I recently got a burn through my bathing suit! I didn’t realize that SPF clothing is not just about fabric coverage, but also a unique technology.)

Last year, COVER Swim started a collaboration with Gray Malin – Gray Malin x COVER Swim. I absolutely love the collab! Gray is a Los Angeles-based photographer best known for his unique bird’s eye view shots of the world’s most iconic beaches, such as Bondi Beach, Coogee Beach, and Cape Town. Check out his work here.

Here is Lisa’s inspiration board for the collection:



Lisa is also a Dallas girl and she still lives here today with her beautiful family. Check out her uber chic home here!

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Bump Day


​During the summer of 2008, I interned for Stacey Caldwell at Thakoon in New York. Since then, we have become friends (and become pregnant!) I have been comparing notes with all of my mom-to-be and new-mom friends to find out their tips and tricks and Stacey answered one of my lingering questions: is the body pillow a scam? Or do I really need one?​

“I have to admit that I was terrified to bring the body pillow that my dear friend Mia gave me early in my pregnancy into our bed. By the third trimester I wasn’t sleeping, and I decided one night couldn’t hurt. I kept thinking–my poor husband! I have to admit, it is now my favorite gift, and it turned my insomnia into blissful sleep. I haven’t told my husband it is probably staying even after this boy arrives… our secret.”

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